Spring Parent Meeting Times & Locations

March 01, 2016, 19 Comments

Spring Parent Meeting Times & Locations

Now that you've registered for our Spring Season... the next step is attending the Parent Meeting. See the meeting locations and times below for the age division and sport your child will be playing this Spring!

Spring 2016 Parent Team Meeting Information:

Henderson/South Las Vegas Sports:
Saturday, March 5 @ Greenspun Jr. High School
8AM... Soccer (Ages 3 & 7U)
9AM... Soccer (Ages 5U)
9AM... Kickball (All Ages)
10AM... Soccer (Ages 9U, 11U, & 14U)
11AM... Elite Girl's Volleyball (All Ages)
NOON... Rec. Girl's & Boy's Volleyball (All Ages)
2:00PM... Baseball (Ages 3-4 & 10U)
3:00PM... Baseball (Ages 6U)
3:00PM... Cheerleading (All Ages)
4:00PM... Baseball (Ages 8U & 13U)
5:00PM... Basketball (All Ages)
6:00PM... Rec. Flag Football (All Ages)

Summerlin/North Las Vegas Sports:
Saturday, March 12th @ Becker Middle School
8AM... Soccer (Ages 3 & 7U)
9AM... Soccer (Ages 5U)
9AM... Kickball (All Ages)
10AM... Soccer (Ages 9U, 11U, & 14U)
11AM... Elite Girl's Volleyball (All Ages)
NOON... Rec. Girl's & Boy's Volleyball (All Ages)
2:00PM... Baseball (Ages 3-4 & 10U)
3:00PM... Baseball (Ages 6U)
3:00PM... Cheerleading (All Ages)
4:00PM... Baseball (Ages 8U & 13U)
5:00PM... Basketball (All Ages)
6:00PM... Rec. Flag Football (All Ages)

Still need to register? You can signup here on the website.

You do not need to bring your child. However, they're more than welcome to attend. If you're playing an Elite Sport, you can bring your child along with their birth certificate and get their ID made there at the meeting.

linfthomas@gmail.com, March 01, 2016

QUESTION: Are the slots for ten year old girl for soccer all filled?

NYS NEVADA:  We have some limited space available in this age group.  You need to register right away.  We will be full soon.


hisqueen104@gmail.com, March 03, 2016

QUESTION: Are there spots for a 5 year old for soccer or basketball and a 2 year old for cheerleading?

NYS NEVADA:  We have limited space available for our Spring Season.  It’s best to register right away before it’s too late.  Thanks.

faulkslove@gmail.com, March 03, 2016

QUESTION: I do not see a meeting for Tackle Football only for Flag Football. My son had the understanding there was a Spring Tackle Football season and he will like to enroll but I am not sure now since it is not listed on the calendar.

Can you let me know when you can?

Carmen F.

NYS NEVADA:  Carmen, thank you for your interest in NYS Nevada Tackle Football.  We don’t hold parent meetings for tackle football.  Once you register we would place you on a team and a coach would contact you directly with team information.  We would urge you to register right away as team’s are almost full.  Thanks.

Jen, March 04, 2016

QUESTION: It says there’s a meeting tomorrow for Rec. football. I just registered my 13yr old for Elite FF. Is that the same meeting he’d attend or is there a different meeting time for him?

NYS NEVADA:  Jen, thank you for your question.  Elite Flag Football only does a Coaches Meeting.  Which took place earlier this week.  You will be assigned to a team soon and a coach will contact you.  You do not need to attend a Parent Meeting.  Thanks.

Annette, March 04, 2016

QUESTION: My twins are 4 and I want to register them for soccer in Henderson

NYS NEVADA:  We’d love to have them.  Please signup at register.nysnevada.com or come visit us in the office.  Once you’re registered we’ll get them placed on a team.  Thanks.

Laura, March 04, 2016

QUESTION: What if I can’t come in for the parent meeting 3/12, would there be more meetings held before the beginning of the spring season?

NYS NEVADA:  While the meeting is extremely important, your child can still play.  A coach will call you by the Wednesday after the Parent Meeting with practice information.  Thanks.

Isaac , March 05, 2016

QUESTION:  My son is signed up for U11 Basketball. What are the next steps besides the parent meeting?

NYS NEVADA:  It’s important you get online and order your child’s game uniform & get his NYS ID Card.  You’ll need to bring him down to our office Tues - Fri 10AM - 5PM with his birth certificate. 



Note:  You will need your child’s team number before placing an order
Ordering a name on the back of a jersey:

1. Click on the sport your child is playing
2. Select the age group.
3. Select, league area, jersey size and team #.
4. Fill in the “name on jersey field”. This will be the name you want on the jersey.
(Only one shirt per child is allowed. No parent shirts.)
5. Click on add to cart.
6. If you wish to add shorts/pants or socks you will click on “continue shopping”
To add shorts, click on the sport. Then select the other items you wish to add.
7. Once you are done shopping click on checkout.

***Uniforms will be distributed to one team representative on the designated pick up day. The team rep will distribute the items to the team. Jersey tops will be provided for every child on the roster. You do not need to order a jersey top if you do not wish to customize. Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions.


**Uniforms can be customized at your local office after your included jerseys are in hand.

Skylar Wilson , March 05, 2016

QUESTION:  I signed my sons up but was unable to attend the parent meeting

NYS NEVADA:  A coach will call you by Wednesday of the following week with team and practice information.  Thanks.

Orlando Efren, March 06, 2016

QUESTION: Can you tell me how many teams play for this season on u10 tackle on north area and the schedule for gators? Thanks

NYS NEVADA:  A game schedule will be out on Saturday, March 12 at 7pm here on the website.  Thanks.

daisy, March 06, 2016

QUESTION:  Can my son play soccer and basketball at the same time with this league? Where can I find a schedule for game days and event locations?

NYS NEVADA:  No.  We try to limit each child to 1 sport a season.  It’s too hard to make practices & games for multiple sports.  Games are always on Saturdays.  Thanks.

Davyna , March 07, 2016

QUESTION: Hi I just registered my daughter for U9 soccer for southwest region and I’ve missed the mandatory meeting held last weekend, where do we to from here and how can I find out her team to order her jersey..thank you

NYS NEVADA:  A coach should call you soon.  Thanks.

Moises , March 07, 2016

QUESTION:  When is the first game of the season for elite flag football?

NYS NEVADA:  Games begin Saturday, April 2.

celena, March 08, 2016

QUESTION: Is it to late to register or Soccer 9U boys?

NYS NEVADA: 9U Soccer is close to full.  We are currently on a wait list for Henderson.  In Las Vegas, we have spots remaining.  I would suggest signing up right away.

Fernanda, March 08, 2016

QUESTION: What kinda sports do you have for a 14 year old boy?

NYS NEVADA: We offer soccer, tackle football & flag football for 14 year old boys.

Andrea , March 11, 2016

QUESTION: When is the meeting for the last Vegas area baseball 3u?

NYS NEVADA: 8AM at Becker Middle School

Lori, March 12, 2016

QUESTION: I registered my daughter for 5U soccer but missed the parent meeting this morning. How do I find out what team she is on?

NYS NEVADA:  Wait for a Coach to call you this week.

Kim, March 12, 2016

QUESTION: We signed up our son for 8U Elite flag football.  When can I expect contact/email etc from the coach?  Thank you.

NYS NEVADA: A coach should have contacted you already.  Usually in this case it means they have an incorrect phone number for you.  Send us an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us in the office Tue - Fri 10AM - 5PM and we can get that info for you.

Mandy, March 12, 2016

QUESTION:  If I missed my parents meeting how do I get in touch wit has a team representative to find out our practice schedule,etc?

NYS NEVADA: Give it until mid-week.  A coach will call you with team information.

Martha, May 27, 2016

I want to put my 4 year old in t ball, how soon after I register would he start?

Hi Martha,

Summer Registration is open now.  Once you register, the parent meeting is on June 11th.  At this meeting you will find out the team the child is placed on and discuss practice times and locations with the team.  This is also the time the team determines when the first practice will be.  The first game will be on July 9th.

Thank you,
NYS Nevada

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