Uniforms, Game Schedules, and Office Hours

March 28, 2018, 0 Comments

Uniforms, Game Schedules, and Office Hours

NYS Game Schedules are now online. You can access them here by clicking on "schedules" at the top. There are a few Elite Schedules that are still being finalized due to facility changes last minutes. Those will be up by the end of the day on Thursday, March 29th.

Schedule Questions?
Henderson/S. Las Vegas - scott@nysnevada.com
Summerlin/N. Las Vegas - melanie@nysnevada.com

Uniforms are ready for pickup! Each team should send 1 representative to pickup the ENTIRE team's order. You can still add the child's name, matching shorts/pants, and socks on the spot in each office. We do not accept over the phone or email orders. This must be done in-person.
Uniform Questions? uniforms@nysnevada.com


Thursday, March 29th 10AM - 6:30PM

Friday, March 30th 10AM - 1PM

Saturday, March 31st CLOSED

Sunday, April 1st CLOSED

Monday, April 2nd CLOSED

Tuesday, April 3rd 10AM - 5PM

Wednesday, April 4th 10AM - 5PM

Thursday, April 5th 10AM - 5PM

Friday, April 6th 10AM - 5PM

Saturday, April 7th CLOSED

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