URGENT: Reminders!

March 13, 2015, 0 Comments

URGENT: Reminders!

REMINDERS: Due to a line around the building and phones ringing off the hook, we're unable to take phone calls in our Vegas office right now. If you have questions about the uniform order deadline, please do not worry about it today. We'll still accept uniform orders next week as well, so there is no cause for concern over the deadline! Our Henderson Parent-Team Meeting is tomorrow afternoon, so our Henderson office will be closed on Saturday, March 14th. We'll be at Greenspun Junior High from 8AM-5PM and we'll be able to get you registered and print Tackle ID cards during that time. Thank you for your patience during this incredibly busy time! We've already shattered our previous season's record for highest registration totals, so it's a very high traffic period. You can always send us e-mails and Facebook messages that we can more easily answer after-hours as well. Thanks again! ‪#‎nysnevada‬#‎Spring2015‬

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